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Auteur : Shungiku Nakamura

€ 12.99

A congratulatory party is being held for Usami for winning the esteemed Kikumaru Award! Sparks fly between Misaki and Usami's older brother Haruhiko-what can this mean? Meanwhile, a young boy named Shinobu is convinced that he and Miyaki, Hiro's superior university professor, are destined to be, but Miyagi is determined to shut him out. Will their relationship be able to bloom? Sell Sheet Keynote: A heartfelt Boys' Love manga that follows the passionate affair between a novelist and his student Key Selling Points: From the creator of Hybrid Child (Digital Manga) Appeals to fans of the hit Boys' Love series Love Mode Shrinkwrapped with Parental Advisory sticker on the front cover

ISBN : 9781598167238

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